March Classes

simple hatI have two classes beginning this week at Silk Road Textiles.  I am teaching a simple hat class beginning on Friday from 12-2 and a Sweater Knitting Workshop beginning on Sunday from 1-3.  Both classes will work for newish knitters and teach knitting in the round.   You must be comfortable both  knitting and purling for either one, but that is the only requirement.  The hat requires a 16 inch circular needle and a set of double pointed needles, both in size 8, and worsted weight yarn.  You have a couple choices for top down sweater patterns available at the shop and the yarn and needles required will depend on which pattern you choose.  I will be available 45 minutes prior to class time for the sweater to help choose the pattern, yarn and needles.  Call the shop at 513-541-3700 to register.


Little Moe


I knit a baby hat for a friend’s newborn. I used the school colors since our kids are in high school band together. It is a small version of the hat I teach in one of my classes. I really like knitting baby items. I didn’t knit when my kids were babies; so I don’t really have any keepsakes I knit for them from their baby years.

FO Shizzle

Ms and Os  blanket

A new FO (finished object to the uninitiated).  It is one of the nicest things I have woven so far for sure.  I love everything about this baby blanket.  The Ms and Os weaving pattern is so much fun to do and the finished project is so soft and pretty.  I plan on making more and trying out other yarns.   Check it out the project details on my Ravelry project page.   Now back to your regularly schedule knitting.

Late Night Knitting


I’m having a little bit of insomnia tonight. There’s nothing like working on endless rows of stockinette to induce a few yawns though.  I do love the mohair and it would be nice to finish this wrap while it’s still cool enough to wear it. A couple more sleepless nights and I just might accomplish that.

Learn to Knit: Class begins this week!

Have you ever wanted to learn to knit?  Now is your chance!  A two-part class on Knit and Purl Basics begins on Friday, February 1 from 12-2 at Silk Road Textiles so you can learn the fundamentals of knitting.  In these two classes, I will teach you how to knit, cast on, purl and bind off.  Those are the 4 fundamental skills of knitting  and once they mastered, you can knit anything!  Supplies needed are a ball of worsted weight yarn (wool is recommended)  and size 8 straight knitting needles (wood needles are recommended) .  Stop in or call to Silk Road Textiles to register and get your supplies.  Class is $40 plus supplies.  513-541-3700 .


Warm Hands

Here is a new pattern I am working on for fingerless gloves to be called Slipcovers. It is knit from the fingers down and has a unique thumb gusset. It is easy to adapt for multiple sizes of hands or different weights of yarn. I can easily knit a pair with less than 50 grams of yarn! Look for a pattern to be released soon….I think i need to find a hand model though.



Four-Way Chilly in Action


Here is the hat modeled by my son David. I need to get some more yarn to knit the aran/worsted weight version. I’m going to use Rowan Pure Wool, another soft superwash wool available at Silk Road Textiles. This time it will be in blue for my other son Tyler.    Once I make sure the numbers are accurate for both sizes, I have a couple of test knitters lined up to try it.   After that, I will make it available for purchase.

Four-Way Chilly


This is my new hat pattern. It is knit from 100% bulky wool (superwash for easy care).  The ribbing is a double thick hem for an extra chilly day, but it could be knit as a single thickness as well.  It has four stitch patterns to give it interesting texture.   Hence the name, Four-Way Chilly. I am going to make up a  worsted weight version as well and will likely be offering the pattern on Ravelry.  Look for it as soon as I can write it up and have it test knit.

Knitting the night away

I am going to Sip n Sitch tonight at Silk Road Textiles.  I’ll be working on a mobius cowl, hope to get it cast on before I go and perhaps finish while I am there.  Then it can be left for display.  I had to rip it out, not quite enough yarn to bind off 260 stitches and it gave out 1/3 of the way through on the 11th round.  I had just tinked the bind off and 1/2 a round and starte to rebind off but was still going to come up a little short.  I may restart with less stitches or add a couple of more and only go 8 rounds instead of trying to go 12.




Alpaca Bamboo Yarn
Alpaca Bamboo Yarn-so squishy!

I am knitting up a sample möbius cowl for a class I am going to teach at Silk Road Textiles. The yarn, Araucania’s Alpaca Bamboo, is lovely and soooo soft.  They have a lot of it at Silk Road Textiles where I am going to be teaching the class to make one on October 19th.  You only need basic knitting skills(no purling required) to make one, and it only takes 50-100 grams of yarn, depending on the size you choose to make.  A long circular needle is used to knit it.


Bengal Hat
Bengal Hat on Reluctant Model

I knit up a quick hat from some great orange and black yarn I got at Silk Road Textiles. ( It’s a great new yarn and fabric store in town, and I will be teaching there beginning September 22)’.  The yarn is Plymouth Encore and it’s a simple 2 x 2 ribbed hat that knit up really quickly.  The hat is for Zach, my 4 year old nephew who currently lives in Broncos country, but wears his orange and black proudly.  The hat is reluctantly modeled by my 10 year old son who is larger than a 4 year old .  But the hat is very stretchy and will fit a large range of head sizes so it should fit Zach fine and he should be able to wear it for years to come.  Now I have to finish the hat for Quinn, his baby brother.