Little Moe


I knit a baby hat for a friend’s newborn. I used the school colors since our kids are in high school band together. It is a small version of the hat I teach in one of my classes. I really like knitting baby items. I didn’t knit when my kids were babies; so I don’t really have any keepsakes I knit for them from their baby years.

FO Shizzle

Ms and Os  blanket

A new FO (finished object to the uninitiated).  It is one of the nicest things I have woven so far for sure.  I love everything about this baby blanket.  The Ms and Os weaving pattern is so much fun to do and the finished project is so soft and pretty.  I plan on making more and trying out other yarns.   Check it out the project details on my Ravelry project page.   Now back to your regularly schedule knitting.



Weaving Ms & Os is almost as addictive as eating M&Ms. This is my first really wide project on my loom. It takes almost the full width at 34 and 1/4 inches and is going to be a small blanket. The project is so wide. I had to take over 100 heddles off each shaft to have enough room for the warp. To think I spent days getting heddles sorted so I could put 200 on each shaft is a little ironic now.

Late Night Knitting


I’m having a little bit of insomnia tonight. There’s nothing like working on endless rows of stockinette to induce a few yawns though.  I do love the mohair and it would be nice to finish this wrap while it’s still cool enough to wear it. A couple more sleepless nights and I just might accomplish that.

Now I’m Cookin’


Waffle weave is a heck of a lot of fun and fast to weave. The hems are slow as molasses though. They are made in boundweave and I need to use a fork to pack the weft in to fully cover the warp.   So I guess I have breakfast: waffles with molasses using a fork!