Graft a Toe from the Purl Side- A CSM Photo Tutorial

1. Place 2 safety pin style stitch markers in the end stitches at the right side of the toe opening.

Here is a little gift for those who have trouble grafting a toe closed on a sock they have knit on the CSM.  I graft from the purl side with the waste yarn in.  I have a couple tips and tricks that may help you. 

I knit a wrapped or  auto-wrap (aka “Sue-i-cide method”) toe but end the knitting the same way on either method. To do as I do (details in my wrapped toe .pdf), finish knitting the increases by lowering the last needle at the 3 o’clock half mark and wrap the yarn behind it. At the same time lower the last needle at the 9 o’clock half mark, and only then knit the last reverse turn of the crank counterclockwise toward the back half to the 1 o’clock position behind the raised needles. Cut the working yarn and bring the yarn carrier forward to 9 o’clock.  Insert the waste yarn, knit to 5 o’clock, and lower all the raised needles on the back half of the cylinder, checking your latches as you go. Then knit 10-15 rounds of waste yarn. 

Before you begin, you need 4 coil-less safety pins or knitting stitch markers that look like plastic safety pins. These help to find the stitches at the beginning and end and keep them from disappearing. Just click on the image below to open the .pdf.

Or click this link for a flip book I made on Flipsnack.