Time to Knit!

Yarn ClockIn July, my two oldest children told me that they were moving out.  I was sad and worried for about ten minutes, then I realized, that I could have a whole room to use as a studio for my fiber art.  I took out the ratty rug and cleaned up the hardwood floor, painted the wall with the color “Fuzzy Sheep” by PPG Porter Paints and moved in my weaving equipment, spinning wheels, book shelf,  books, yarn and sewing machine.  I am trying to decorate with items that have meaning.  I put up some of my children’s artwork and a photograph that a friend took and matted of downtown Cincinnati at night. Then I needed a clock and remembered a project I had seen a few months ago and though was really cute.  It took me about two hours to knit it up once I found the correct clock.  I dug out my scraps of worsted weight wool and wool blends, cast on 10 stitches with a provisional cast on, and changed colors at random on the same side, just tying the ends together.   I knit until it looked like it would fit, grafted the beginning to the end. (Grafting garter is just as easy as stockinette, just a little different.) Did a single crochet border on one side and ran a length of cotton yarn down the other side to cinch it together on the back of the clock.   I tucked in all the loose ends at the back of the clock–no need to weave them in.  Now I just need to find more time to knit (and weave and spin) .